About the Open School Day

Co-organised by the Institute of Education Policy (Greece), Ellininogermaniki Agogi (Greece) and Computer Technology Institute and Press (Greece), in the context of European initiatives such as Open Schools for Open Societies, Open School Doors, Promoting Intercultural Science Education of Adults, Democracy through Drama, Frontiers the aim of the Open Schooling Day is to explore the idea of “Open School” as an engaging environment that effectively introduces novel methodologies, tools and content by re-designing learning to accommodate and include difference and by bringing together families, community groups, local businesses, experts, universities, into an innovation ecosystem.

From hackathons to teachers and students working in projects that address local challenges, from research in digital education that addresses parental engagement of migrant students to synergies that focus on the science skills and knowledge of new-comers and from STEAM and arts-and-drama-based methodologies to activities introducing Nobel Prize Physics in Secondary Education, the event offers a wealth of ideas, hands-on activities, educational scenarios, etc. in a full-day of seminars, workshops and lectures.